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Hexagonal drill tail wire is a common fastener mainly used to fasten two or more materials together, with strong tensile and torsional resistance. The following will analyze from the perspectives of product structure, product selection, product advantages, and usage scenarios.

1、 Product structure

The hexagonal drill tail screw mainly includes a hexagonal head part and a screw rod part. The hexagonal head part is similar to a regular hexagonal head bolt, and the screw rod part is a hollow rod shape that can be directly threaded without pre drilling, thus avoiding material damage. In addition, hexagonal drill threads generally have serrated threads to better engage and prevent loosening.

2、 How to choose products

When selecting a hexagonal drill thread, the following points need to be considered:

1. Material: High quality alloy steel or carbon steel should be selected to ensure its strength and durability.

2. Precision: Select a hexagonal drill thread with a higher precision level to ensure the accuracy of the fit with the workpiece.

3. Length: Select an appropriate length according to actual needs to meet the needs of connecting two materials.

4. Specification: Select the appropriate specification based on the thickness and strength of the material to be tightened.

3、 Product advantages

1. Efficient: The hexagonal drill tail thread can be directly tapped without pre drilling, thereby improving work efficiency.

2. Firmness: Due to the serrated thread, the hexagonal drill tail thread has a higher degree of engagement with the workpiece, which can effectively prevent loosening.

3. Economy: Compared to some other fasteners, the price of hexagonal drill tail wire is more cost-effective.

4. Widely used: Hexagonal drill tail wire is suitable for fastening and connecting various materials, such as wood, plastic, steel, etc.

4、 Usage Scenario

Hexagonal drill tail wire is mainly used in the following scenarios:

1. Furniture manufacturing: In the furniture manufacturing process, various materials need to be connected together, and the hexagonal drill tail wire can quickly and firmly fasten various materials together.

2. Construction engineering: In construction engineering, hexagonal drill threads can be used to connect various building materials together, such as carpentry, concrete, etc.

3. Mechanical manufacturing: In the process of mechanical manufacturing, various parts need to be assembled together, and the hexagonal drill tail wire can quickly and firmly connect various parts together.

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