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The company is located in Yongnian, Hebei, a famous fastener production base in China. Its main products include carbon steel and stainless steel drill tail screws and self tapping screws.
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Drill tail wire is a slender threaded connection, usually made of metal or plastic materials. It has a threaded head at one end that can be connected to other components. On the other end, there is a slender drill body that can drill holes on the surface.

What are the uses of drilling thread?

1. Electronics and electrical field

In the manufacturing process of electronic products, computers, televisions, telephones, and other electronic devices, drill tail wires are used to connect electronic components, weld and fix them on circuit boards, and are widely used.

2. Automobile manufacturing

In the field of automobile manufacturing, drilling tail wires are also widely used. For example, during the assembly process of a car, it is used to secure components such as seats, seat belts, air conditioning systems, and engine covers; In the process of car maintenance, it is also commonly used to repair damaged threaded holes in vehicles.

3. Aerospace

In the field of aerospace, there are also many uses for drilling tail wires. For example, it can be used to install avionics equipment and fix aircraft components.

4. Daily life

In daily life, drilling thread is also widely used. For example, when decorating a house, it can be used to install furniture such as kitchen cabinets, wardrobes, and bookcases, as well as to install bathroom and kitchen equipment. In addition, when making furniture and tools in DIY, drilling thread is also an essential tool.

In summary, drilling thread, as a very important threaded connector, has a wide range of applications in industries such as electronics, automotive manufacturing, aerospace, and also plays an important role in our daily lives.

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