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How can the quality of the product be effectively guaranteed?
Carry out testing and analysis work under strict procedures, including product appearance, size, elements, performance, harmful substance testing, impact testing, forging flow line, hardness, torque, tensile force, metallography, hydrogen embrittlement testing, coating, salt spray testing, and other quality testing procedures.
Is product transaction information confidential?
We will keep the contract content confidential for all customers to avoid unnecessary losses arising from it or indirectly.
What are your payment methods?
We support various payment methods such as letter of credit payment, collection, mail transfer, wire transfer, and draft transfer.
Is there a discount for buying more products?
There will be a certain proportion of preferential policies for purchasing more products. You are welcome to consult our customer manager.
How long does it take for shipment and transportation?
International transportation usually takes 7 to 15 days, and there may be some differences in time depending on your destination.
I am not a Chinese customer. Can your product be shipped?
At present, our company's products have been sold in multiple countries and regions around the world, and we have rich experience in logistics transportation. We will take the appropriate logistics transportation for you.
Can I receive a quote for free before purchasing?
We provide free product quotes to users and can customize reasonable prices based on the quantity they need, allowing you to obtain more favorable prices.
How will my order be packaged?
Most orders will be packaged in appropriately sized boxes with clear product labels. According to the agreed transportation method, if your order has a large quantity of products, we will package them into multiple packaging boxes.
Do you have a minimum order?
We do not limit the number of user orders. You can purchase according to your needs, and we will continue to serve you.
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